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This iconic Australian native with its cylindrical brush-like flowers produce an abundance of nectar. High in antioxidants and helps to hydrate skin.
Blue Cypress Leaf:
Phenolic compounds and gallic acid help tighten pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Caviar Lime:
Fruit acids gently exfoliate for brighter and smoother skin.
Davidson Plum:
The dark purple fruit contains phenolic acid and is a potent antioxidant to aid in repairing skin.
Desert Lime:
High in Vitamin C. Fruit acids gently exfoliate for an even skin tone.
Emu Apple:
This Australian native cranberry is high in antioxidants and its natural waxes nourish and soothe the skin.
Emu Bush:
Rich in polyphenols to help protect skin from free radical damage.
Illawarra Flame Tree:
The bright red bell-shaped flowers contain polyphenol flavonoids to help stimulate healthy collagen cell growth.
Extracts from the violet blossoms contain flavone glycosides, which are strong antioxidants to assist in combating free radicals.
Kakadu Plum:
World’s highest vitamin C content from a natural plant source.
Kangaroo Apple:
High in essential amino acid tryptophan which contains proteins to smooth and rejuvenate skin.
Lemon Aspen:
Rich in antioxidants to help support and maintain healthy skin cells.
Lilli Pilli:
High in Vitamin C with excellent astringent properties to help repair and promote elasticity and firmness of skin.
Orange Jessamine:
This fragrant plant with cream flowers has astrigent qualities which help to minimise the appearance of fine lines due to its skin-tightening properties.
The desert peach of Australia contains high levels of phenolic acid which assist in reducing free radical damage resulting in smoother and more supple skin.
Red Mallotus Berry:
High in antioxidants and gallic acid to help improve skin tone.
Silky Oil Grass:
Vitamin C and flavone glycoside orientin work synergistically to support healthy collagen production.
Wild Rosella:
High in antioxidants and organic acids. Helps to promote elasticity of skin.